There is no stopping Coffs Harbour’s Joanne Vines, even after twenty years in the real estate business. Learn her secrets to success.

As any resident will tell you, there is so much more to Coffs Harbour on the Mid-North Coast of NSW than its famed Big Banana. As well as being a popular tourist location, the town is home to 70,000 passionate locals. The number is set to grow, with close to 10,000 new residences and 20,000 more people expected to join the local population by 2036.

Many Sydneysiders looking for a seachange are choosing Coffs because it boasts the most moderate climate in Australia, as well as its beautiful beaches, stunning hinterland and diverse wildlife. Property-wise, prices have climbed steadily since 2011, reflecting Australia’s collective obsession with owning a little piece of paradise by the sea.

For One Agency Group’s Joanne Vines, Coffs Harbour is home. Having moved to the area as a young parent, she originally worked as a dance teacher before switching to real estate. “My neighbour worked in real estate and encouraged me to consider it as a career. I’m glad I did!” says Joanne, who joined the industry 20 years ago.

“When I started in real estate, I was in my element. I knew I had found my niche!”

After ten years as an employed real estate agent, Joanne felt ready to make the transition to business owner. “I knew I wanted to set the benchmark for real estate. To achieve my vision, the most positive and logical step was to open my own office.”

Joanne’s goal was to give herself a fresh start, rather than picking up where someone else left off. She rejected the opportunity to buy into an existing business and instead chose to go with One Agency. This gave her the opportunity to instill her own morals and values, creating her own style of real estate brand.

Excellence and reliability

As her business gained momentum, Joanne made learning a top priority, making it her ‘duty’ to find out what she didn’t know. She stuck with her key principles, ensuring that One Agency Coffs Harbour always treats clients with integrity and honesty.

A motivated hard worker, Joanne sees real estate as a craft which requires dedication and commitment. Persistence and consistency are key, and according to Joanne, “You’re only as good as your last client and the impression you left!”

Since she started out in 1999, Joanne has witnessed a lot of change in the industry, especially in terms of technology. However, while the way we communicate has changed, because of the internet and social media, the act of selling houses remains the same. “It’s all about relationships and connecting people to the right properties.”

Joanne's clear and defined process for achieving outstanding sales results in real estate has earned her a reputation for excellence and reliability around the Coffs Harbour area. Her successful approach is based on sound principles, a strong work ethic and continuous communication.

Working hard to obtain clients and even harder to maintain relationships means Joanne can rely on repeat and referral business. Her dynamic energy, extensive local knowledge, proven track record and array of accolades means she is a standout representative, not only for her clients but for the One Agency brand.

Building a team

After starting with just Joanne and one assistant, initially as One Agency By Joanne Vines, evolving to One Agency Joanne Vines, then to One Agency Coffs Harbour. One Agency Coffs Harbour now has a larger team of six. This includes property management specialists who take care of landlords and tenants. “Most of us have been tenants at some stage,” explains Joanne, saying that her team sees property management as a huge responsibility. Joanne has also brought son Zak into her business. “After six years, he is an integral part of the business, an all-rounder who can turn his hand to anything.”

Joanne says ‘Building a great team is paramount because reputation is everything and I believe that every action has a reaction. We refer to ourselves as the ‘The ONE Team’. We are a cohesive group of talented individuals working towards a common goal. We rely on each other’s performance, strength, encouragement, expertise and humour to ensure that we deliver an exceptional real estate experience’.

A passionate local community member

Born in New Zealand and raised in Melbourne, Joanne has loved living in Coffs and raising her family in the seaside town. To support the people who surround her, she offers a dance scholarship at a local academy and volunteers with the local Cancer Council. One Agency Coffs Harbour sponsors local school awards and the local International Women’s Day event.

“The people here support my business and I see it as important to give back.”

Joanne’s clients reward her by helping her One Agency office be one of the leading real estate businesses in the area. As one put it, “Joanne took me through [my first home sale] step by step, with recommendations and information every time it was needed. I could not have done it without [Joanne and her team]. I would recommend Joanne and One Agency Coffs Harbour to anyone.”

"It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep that counts."
‒ Paul Davies, Founder and CEO

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