A lot of our clients believe there is a code of pre-sale protocol – wait until spring! 

I’m sure yours do too and you’re finding that this is a general understanding across the board with regard to the winter real estate market. My thoughts are entirely the opposite, well in fact two thoughts on that one:
Firstly, selling your vendors home is about making sure it fits into when it’s right for their family, lifestyle and financial plan. 
So encouraging your vendors to sell when it is ‘right for them’ rather than trying to second guess what will happen through the seasons and the future, spring, summer, autumn or winter.  My thoughts are that if it is right for your vendor to prepare and sell in the current winter real estate market, then why not benefit from less property competition?  
Secondly, preparing a home for sale in spring is certainly a more traditional approach, which can put pressure on many of the support services.  So there are certain things to organise early for that plan if they are keen to wait for the warmer months and also some insights from pre-sale planning.

The most critical aspect is to get the strategy early! depending where you live, it's 7-8 weeks to the spring school holidays.

The most critical aspect is to get the strategy early! depending where you live, it's 7-8 weeks to the spring school holidays. A general example of schedule of works order is, removing old furniture and decluttering (this takes time!), painting, lighting changes, sanding floors, then the last items are gardening, carpet and new furniture on top. 
An example of where you can guide your clients is ensuring that a holistic colour pallet is set early to assist everyone, from the wall colour to the furniture hire, as lead times book fast.  It is often something that needs to be scoped, booked and paid for first to ensure the schedule is secured and seamless with your marketing calendar.
You can remove the stress and the organisation for you and your vendors by handing all that over to a company like ours.  We have the blueprint and the contacts for you.

About Belinda Woolrych (Grundy)

Belinda Woolrych (Grundy) is an Author, Speaker, and the Founder of Papillon Styling & Renovations, formerly BG Property Styling. She published her first book, Rightsize Your Home: The Empty Nester's Guide for a Stress-Free Downsize, in 2014. For her work on BG Property Styling, she was chosen as a finalist under the Business Leader category through the NSW Business Chamber Business Awards in 2015 and 2017. Currently, Belinda manages operations in the Northern region of Sydney and in the Southern Highlands. You can contact Belinda on T + 61 2 9986 0524 or via email here.

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