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As digital marketing and cloud computing taps into the new media revolution, the traditional franchising model is looking out dated, off the pace and out of step for independently minded entrepreneurs. 

As the revolution transforms the small and medium business landscape, the traditional franchise model is in urgent need of a rethink.

Traditionally, entrepreneurs have taken one of three steps into self-managed small business: Start a new business from scratch, purchase an existing business, or buy into a franchise system.

Under the old laws of business, franchises afforded the perceived comfort of an established brand; a tried and tested product or service range; established operational procedures and processes; and, in some rare cases, the backing of big-budget marketing and advertising campaigns coming out of head office. All with guaranteed maximum financial reward by drawing a circle around your growth with postcodes, suburbs or products.

“New marketing models such as One Agency are shaking up the old guard of franchising.”

Josef Nalevansky

Of course, these supposed benefits come with hefty price tags and little to no freedom for independently minded entrepreneurs to run your business in accordance with local market conditions. Moreover, your success is predicated on the continued success of the overreaching franchise, but you have very little influence over head-office management decisions. Governing agencies can prove to be even less effective as paper tigers without true authority.

In franchise dominated industries, such as real estate, where brand awareness is paramount, new marketing models such as One Agency are shaking up the old guard of franchising. Visionaries such as Paul Davies have alleviated the traditional financial boundaries creating what has become the fastest growing real estate network in Australia.  The effectiveness in their resolve will forever change real estate franchising within Australia and possibly much further abroad. Read the full article here.




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