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In our latest feature interview from the AREC2017 Elite Agent Studio, Claudio Encina talks to Josh Hart about how to build an attraction brand using social media and superior customer service.

Claudio Encina: So here we are at the 20-year anniversary of AREC at Elite Agent Magazine, and we’ve just heard from Josh Hart, One Agency down in Tasmania. Josh, fantastic presentation!

Josh Hart: Thank you so much. My pleasure.

Claudio: Thanks for joining us on the couch.

Josh: No, thanks for having me.

Claudio: Tell us a little bit about your business and how you implement social media for Josh Hart and the team?

Josh: I wasn’t very good at cold calling. For me, long term, I wanted people just to come to me and want to work with me, but also relate with me. From our videos to our ‘day in the life of Josh’ through Instagram Stories, I wanted people to understand the true me. So when I walk into their door, it’s not me trying to pitch business, it’s, “Let’s have a conversation and, if you feel comfortable from what you’ve seen previously, then let’s do business.”

Claudio: What advice could you give to a new agent who’s starting in the industry? Where do I start with social media?


“Don’t launch the property online on the real estate portals until you launch it on Facebook first”

Josh Hart
Director and Auctioneer - One Agency Launceston

Josh: Keep it simple stupid. Firstly, pop any videos on all the houses you list. Upload the actual file into Facebook. So what you do next is that we always do it when there’s high traction on Facebook. Usually late at night when people are winding down, don’t do it in the middle of the day because they’re going to be working but this is the trick.

Don’t launch the property online on the real estate portals until you launch it on Facebook first. What we’re trying to do is we’re trying to have a dam full of buyers lined up where people are contacting you and saying, “Hey Josh, where’s this property? What’s the suburb? What’s the address?” and then when it launches onto mainstream media, we’ve got a flock of buyers running towards it.

Claudio: So there’s a real strategy and a process around this?

Josh: Always, and we never change it.

Claudio: What do you think about disrupters coming into the market place? Where do you think we can still relevant as agents and bring value to the consumer, because it’s evolving and things such as Purple Bricks and whatever else, is that something we should be perhaps concerned about?

Josh: It’s plain and simple. Give incredible service. Give an experience, speed is everything. It’s about speed. The reason why I put on a second assistant it’s so we could be quicker and nimbler against our competition. When someone needed us we were there and if it wasn’t me it was one of my team.

Believe in your beliefs, your ideals, your values, your core self, your heart. I’m one of the more expensive agents around Launceston, and I don’t sell as many houses as others but I don’t drop my fee and that’s the key.

Claudio: Great point. There’ll always be a Big W shop and there’ll always be a David Jones shop but you got to work out your ideal client. Fantastic.

Josh: I want to work with people who want to work with me.

Claudio: Thanks for joining us here on the couch at Elite Agent Magazine for AREC 2017.

Josh: My pleasure. Thank you so much, mate.

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