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Tom Panos reveals how to control the lounge room


The key to delivering a successful listing presentation is to ditch rigid scripts and act like a doctor, according to one of the industry’s top coaches.

Tom Panos told One Agency’s annual conference that agents should avoid scripted presentations because these don’t allow any room for flexible interaction with the vendor.

Agents should also resist the temptation to use unstructured presentations because they are likely to omit important information, according to Mr Panos.

They should deliver presentations that are structured but not scripted, which allows them to react to anything the vendor says and ask the vendor questions.

“Have you noticed what they do? They ask questions. Million-dollar agents ask questions”

Tom Panos
Real Estate Coach and Trainer

“This presentation is controlled by the agent because the person that asks the questions controls the answers,” Mr Panos said.

“The reason why I like this presentation is simple: because when you do this presentation, it’s the vendor’s presentation. Why? Because you’re doing what a doctor does. They diagnose and then prescribe.”

Mr Panos explained that doctors don’t automatically prescribe the same type of medication to every patient. Instead, they enquire about the patient’s symptoms and medical history so they can make a personalised recommendation.

“Have you noticed what they do? They ask questions. Million-dollar agents ask questions,” he said.

Mr Panos also said that one way for agents to impress vendors before listing presentations is to send them references.

This should be a document that contains the agent’s recent sales as well as the names and contact details of the vendors, according to Mr Panos.

“This is called social proof – showing a vendor that other people have used you and they’re happy with you,” he said.

“Don’t expect that they’re going to call them – people rarely call. The power is not in the call; the power is in you saying, ‘I'm vulnerable. Don’t take my word for it.’ Vulnerability wins trust.”

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