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Take a peek inside a dynamic real estate startup


I’m sure you’ve noticed One Agency, the innovative real estate brand that’s come out of nowhere to shake up the established real estate franchise model in Australia.

One Agency CEO Paul Davies brings a lifetime of real estate experience to his new brand and has quickly built a following of very capable business leaders looking for change and innovation.

With the average real estate business in Australia reporting a profit of just 15 percent, Paul’s mission and dominating focus is to help establish competent real estate business owners into a business that is both effective and economical and you’ll hear him share the news that a number of One Agency business owners recording profits up to 85 percent after operating costs.

The raw attraction of One Agency is a proven business model that makes sense. By breaking away from the traditional real estate agency template, One Agency business owners get to keep much more of what they earn.

“It's tremendously satisfying to set agents up in their own businesses and see them take control of their own financial future.”

Paul Davies
Founder & CEO

Paul subscribes to a philosophy that consumers are now able to access products and services for much less in the new economy and he’s right so why not offer a high-value, low-cost real estate business concept that leverages the economies of scale to create a proven operating model?

In less than 7 years, Paul’s drive and energy has built a brand with more than 100 offices in Australia and New Zealand. His ability to sell his brand and build a great team around him makes him an inspiring leader in the new real estate economy.

Whether you’re a real estate business owner, one of the sales team or even someone brand new to our industry, I challenge you not to be moved and lifted by Paul’s passion and I’m very grateful to him for sharing so much in this interview.

By the way, Paul’s just written a book and in our enthusiasm during this session we forgot to mention the title which is ‘How To Profit From Real Estate Business Ownership’ (Essential reading for any existing or aspiring real estate business owner).



At One Agency we are always open for a conversation, so if you have anything to say in response or have any questions, please contact us.

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One Agency is a revolution in real estate, empowering both individual real estate professionals and established agencies to take control of their future and bring an entirely new level of service to clients.

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