It’s time to get planning for the busy months ahead in the real estate market.

Spring school holidays are about to begin and Christmas is also on the radar, so time is of the essence to work on styling and presentation as the market picks up.
We’ve just finished working on a hugely intense project, released to get on an auction schedule prior to the September School holidays, and it worked really well! With only 13 weeks to Christmas, there is still time to time to work on that auction date prior to the summer holidays.
So as styling & renovation makeover specialists, what do we focus on at this time of year as the weather warms up? My favourite part of the Spring /Summer period is the opportunity to enhance a morning sun aspect and work the indoor/outdoor transition to best advantage. Where you can’t logistically transition in and out, you can use items of colour and nature to set the scene, tie both areas together and create flow through.
There are easy and affordable items that you can seasonally change, like cushions going from more muted and warm colours, to greens and citrus for example.  Throws would change from the heavier faux fur to a lighter cotton or knitted.  Nature items such as large fronds, beautifully shaped sticks, leafy indoor plants or blooming potted orchids can work beautifully.

It's important to create the feeling of the outdoors but actually inside, to tie both areas together and create flow through.

Ensure decks are washed and oiled or painted and furnishings are placed well, to enhance the feel of indoor/outdoor living and plant the seeds of thought with your prospective purchasers. Remember that seasons like these encourage those private conversations during inspections out on the decks as it is warmer, so make sure they are a lovely place for people to chat and mill around on.  
Enjoy the weather and use it to help sell and style property to get the best results. If you want to know more about how to do this, talk to one of our Papillon Styling & Renovations Makeover Specialists in your area by calling 1300 870 272.

About Belinda Woolrych

Belinda Woolrych is an Author, Speaker, and the Founder of Papillon Styling & Renovations, formerly BG Property Styling. She published her first book, Rightsize Your Home: The Empty Nester's Guide for a Stress-Free Downsize, in 2014. For her work on BG Property Styling, she was chosen as a finalist under the Business Leader category through the NSW Business Chamber Business Awards in 2015 and 2017. Currently, Belinda manages operations in the Northern region of Sydney and in the Southern Highlands. You can contact Belinda on T:1300 870 272 or via email here.

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