Spring is just around the corner and you need to level up your focus on prospecting to build a good pipeline of potential sellers.

We cannot control the market. We can control ourselves and our businesses. We can control our thoughts.

My belief is simple: If our thoughts are positive, we will go out and take positive actions. If we take positive actions, we will succeed…regardless of market conditions! Agents who are setting and going on appointments between now and spring will create the foundation for success.

I want to give you specific ideas and techniques that will lead to a breakthrough in the amount of appointments you set.

The intention that we have for you is that you go on one or more hot appointment every single work day. Let’s begin by defining what an appointment is and then we will look at seven ways to set an appointment a day.

What is an appointment? My belief is that an appointment is any meeting that will positively impact your business. Specifically:

  • Sitting face-to-face with a motivated seller (listing presentation)
  • Working with a buyer who wants to buy
  • Meeting an expired listing
  • A face-to-face meeting with a past client, a centre of influence or anyone who can refer you business

Stop and think for a moment: How would your business be impacted if you went on at least one great appointment each work day? If you work 220 days in a year and go on 220 appointments, what would happen to your production? I am 99% certain that unless you are selling over 100 homes a year, your production would skyrocket.

My goal is to assist you in taking your business to the next level, so let’s look at the seven techniques for setting an appointment a day.

Know that whatever you focus on with passion will show up in your life.

1. Focus Daily on Setting Appointments
What are you focused on daily? Some agents lack goals and focus completely. I will assume that this is not how you operate. Some agents focus on the amount of time they engage in some form of lead generation each day. Some focus on the number of people they contact each day. Some focus on the number of leads they generate.

Top producers, on the other hand, focus on:

  • Setting great appointments
  • Getting contracts signed

Know that whatever you focus on with passion will show up in your life. From this knowledge, simply focus on what will lead to income; appointments and signed contracts!

2. Create a Definition of an Appointment That Serves You
I like playing games that I can win. If you do too, then make sure you alter your definition so that it is not difficult for you to set appointments. If your definition of an appointment is something like, 'I set one market appraisal per day,' then you will likely find an appointment every day in your diary.

3. Affirm That You Set Appointments Daily
We all know the power of affirmations. So why not affirm that you will set an appointment each day? I advise all my clients to say this simple affirmation constantly throughout the day:

'I set one or more hot appointment each day!!'

4. Carry Your Best Leads With You At All Times
This one is critical. The biggest challenge we see with agents is that they go to all the effort of generating a lead and then they drop the ball and do not follow up. I call this a huge waste of time, energy and money. The key to lead conversion and appointment setting is to create a situation in which no leads fall through the cracks. The best way to do this is to put your best leads on 3×5 index cards and carry them with you all day long.

5. Know Your Automatic Shot
Your 'automatic shot' is the source of business you know you can count on if you really needed a deal. We all have areas in which we excel over others, and we all have sources that are particularly favourable for us. It is critical you know what it is for you.

Ask yourself this question: 'If you absolutely had to set an appointment today, who would you call?' The answer to this question will define who or what your automatic shot is. Make sure to take your automatic shot every day!

6. Learn 5-7 Basic Closes to Improve Confidence
Skills and confidence are critical in this market I suggest you spend time learning the scripts and objection handlers necessary for you to confidently set appointments with your prospects.

7. Be Unattached to How and Where Your Next Appointment Comes From
The key here is to just remain focused on the fact that you intend to set at least one appointment each day. Once your intention is set, simply go about your business… go follow your schedule… go out and do your lead generation and conversion.

So there you have seven ways to set at least one appointment a day. In closing, I want to encourage you to shift your focus and energy in the beginning of this year. Focus on just three areas:

1) finding your next appointment
2) going to another appointment
3) servicing your clients.

Try that for the rest of the year and you are virtually guaranteed to see an increase in your production.


About Claudio Encina

Claudio Encina is a highly regarded Australian real estate coach, speaker, mentor and trainer. With more than 20 years industry experience, including almost a decade as a leading agent in Sydney, Claudio is driven by his passion for helping clients implement proven sales techniques, systems, strategies and skills to increase their productivity and profitability in all market conditions.

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