What new tactics and strategies are you using in this changing real estate market?

We all know that the spring selling season is an opportunity to make a significant amount of cash for the year.

The weather’s getting better (in most places) and people want to be in their new homes before summer and Christmas.

So, it’s super important that you make sure you’re generating leads, going on appointments, taking listings, putting buyers under contract and selling a lot of homes!

It is imperative that you ask high-gain and high-impact questions in order to  garner enough information to clearly identify and understand those needs. The most successful sales professionals are those who ‘sell by design, not by chance.’  If you have a strategy when asking questions, you increase your success rate.

Here are some real cut through questions to ask your prospects:  

  1. When do you see yourself doing something?
  2. If I come across a good buyer should I give you a call?
  3. I know you’re not selling but I would love to see your place, are you around this Friday or would the would weekend suit you better?
  4. Do you have any real estate plans in 2018 either buying or selling?

Know your ‘message’ and ‘outcome’ from the call. Sincerity, politeness and brevity, combined with a solid knowledge of your market, are the makings for a successful sales call. Follow these tips and watch your selling productivity rise this spring and start to identify your pipeline for the new year:

Our evidence shows that in challenging markets there is a 30 per cent higher clearance rate with a quality vendor report.

Question what are your structure and processes in a changing market? Are you reallocating your resources, particularly your man-hours, to where the blockage in your business may be occurring?

Our evidence shows that in challenging markets there is a 30 per cent higher clearance rate with a quality vendor report. When vendor meetings are at the forefront of your process, ask yourself: Are these forming part of my weekly routine?

How about allocating hours in your day for face to face meetings at your office? What about doing set to sell meetings to create a very clear structure that can lead to positive outcomes for you and the vendor.

The Pro agents are having a ‘Price Guide Strategy meeting’ with the vendor before even launching the property live on the market place to get the sweet spot on price.

An exercise that I would encourage you to do is get someone to read your vendor reports prior to you sending them to the owner. Ask them to read the reports without the knowledge of price and from a vendor’s perspective; remember, people view things through the lens they are currently using.

Often what they read into a report and what we want them to read into a report are vastly different. So, start with the set to sell meeting or price guide strategy meeting.

About Claudio Encina

Claudio Encina is a highly regarded Australian real estate coach, speaker, mentor and trainer. With more than 20 years industry experience, including almost a decade as a leading agent in Sydney, Claudio is driven by his passion for helping clients implement proven sales techniques, systems, strategies and skills to increase their productivity and profitability in all market conditions. Contact him via email or at claudioencina.com

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