The true secret to real estate lies in the fact that those who want success the most are the ones who end up the most successful.

The trick is, if you want it more, you actually see more people, and the agent that generates the most appointments wins in real estate – end of story.

Make rejection your best friend. Establish yourself in the market, not in the office. Other agents in your office do not pay your mortgage, vendors pay your mortgage. Let go of the addiction to being liked by everyone.

Diagnose then Prescribe

Agents should act like doctors and try to make a diagnosis at their listing presentations by asking the right questions in order to determine the right path forward with clients.

Million-dollar agents ask questions, rookies make statements. And when I ask million-dollar agents about their biggest source for new listing opportunities, they say “open houses”.

Every buyer that you speak to must be asked this question, ‘Is this your first purchase in the area or your second?’ because if it’s their second purchase then they’re a potential vendor.

Agents should also be looking at every listing within their market by attending open for inspections and seeing what their competitors are doing differently.


Million-dollar agents ask questions, rookies make statements.

Create case studies

Every agent should have a couple of properties that they’ve sold with all the relevant information such as days on market, sales price, marketing investment and where the buyer came from, in order to present these case studies to potential vendors.

You need to have three or four properties as case studies because stories sell, facts tell. So pick a couple properties that are most relevant, have a photo and have all the information on hand.

About Tom Panos

Real estate coach and trainer Tom Panos teaches agents how to attract business and not just chase it. He is regarded as one of Australia’s leading coaches on helping real estate people become 7 figure agents. He has trained hundreds of agents via his online coaching programs: “9 weeks to your best real estate year ever” and “Kick Start”.  Find out more about Tom here.

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