Each month we interview ONE of our members to discover their story and have them share their experience with us.

Under the spotlight this month is Trevor Manwarring from One Agency Manwarring Property Group in the Northern Rivers region of NSW, where he covers the areas of  Wollongbar, Alstonville, Goonellabah, Ballina and Lismore.

Trevor has worked in real estate sales for 19 years and he joined One Agency in September 2013. We asked Trevor to share his experience with us.

What do you love about your work in real estate? What drives you?
Helping people, whether buying or selling. I enjoy being able to help by taking away a lot of their stress and by guiding them in the right direction.

What attracted you to the One Agency business model?
I was in a position to stay where I was working at another agency and get no further ahead or go out and do my own thing, so I heard about One Agency and I contacted Paul Davies by phone. After a long discussion he convinced me to go to Sydney to one of their conferences to speak to other members that were already involved with the group as well as to get to meet Paul in person. The thing that impressed me the most was Paul’s vision and he also was quite particular on who joined the group to protect the name and its members. When I finished the conference I had no doubt about my future with One Agency and joined approximately one month later.

How is the brand working for you?
The brand has been excellent, people comment all the time how sharp it looks and how it stands out from our competitors. We even find that older people find it easier to read with the One Agency colours!

Would you recommend One Agency to others?
Yes, definitely. I always speak highly about the back up from Head Office and all of the other members, you only have to email or *Facebook or even call and there is always someone there to help. At One Agency we are all ONE. 

* One Agency has a closed Facebook Group Page where members can share ideas and knowledge between themselves, it’s a useful tool.

What do you think keeps your prospective vendors awake at night when they are considering listing their property?
Which agent should I be trusting with my biggest investment that I own to not just sell it, but to give the service and feedback that they expect and the best value in todays market.

Quite often they have had a bad experience before with an agent and you need to prove that there are some good honest agents around. That is what brings you repeat business. 

Do you think they worry that they can’t trust real estate agents in general?

For sure! You need to earn their trust and they need to be comfortable with the agent. Quite often they have had a bad experience before with an agent and you need to prove that there are some good honest agents around. That is what brings you repeat business. 

What do you do to build their trust?
You need to be face to face first of all and with both parties. The biggest mistake most agents do is they talk to one party and ignore the other. Bad mistake, you involve both in the discussion and you listen to their concerns and what their plans are for selling. Ask the right questions and 'listen' for the answers. Most importantly, do your homework right and know your area and what has sold most recently in their street or area. Knowledge and experience are powerful.

What makes you the ‘go to’ agent in your local area? What sets you apart?
My honesty and integrity plus I’m willing to go the extra mile. When you say you will give feedback after every inspection, you need to mean it and also do it. My marketing stands out from the rest in both print as well as signage and my results stand out from the others as being a market leader in my area, which has taken time. Any of my prospective vendors can speak to any of my past or current vendors anytime and I have nothing to hide.

What attributes do you think are most important in an agent?
Honesty, integrity, trust, attention to detail and strong local knowledge.

How’s the current state of the market?
The market has picked up and our sales are doing very well. We have found the values in the lower end of the market are gradually on the increase and there are plenty of buyers still looking.

What’s great about living in your local area? 
It gives you a sense of a lot of pride being part of the community. The people here are great, always happy to lend a hand like good country folk do. We are only 10 minutes from the ocean and have both young families and retirees as well as professional couples without children.

What do you do outside of work?
I enjoy spending time with my wife, family and friends, surfing, golfing, camping and love catching up with my granddaughter. I also love supporting the Evans Head Bombers Rugby League Club!

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T  0439 586 531
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