Trevor Leslie made the move from Independent and opened One Agency Trevor Leslie Group in August 2015.

Their real estate business covers Baulkham Hills, Northmead, Winston Hills and North Rocks in Sydney, NSW.

“We knew we couldn’t survive as an independent real estate agency and so interviewed several franchise proposals. We were searching for something dynamic. That is where One Agency has the edge, they are fresh in the market, the branding is amazing and we wanted to work with the offices around us,” says Trevor, who started his real estate career in 1982.

“Our decision has been proven to be correct. One Agency has produced for us the opportunity to compete against all the other agencies and win on the majority listings.”

They had traded since 2003 as an Independent Real Estate Business under the name Trevor Leslie Real Estate and wanted to take the company to the next level.

“We looked at several other options and One Agency stood out as the new direction for us. We had spoken to several other franchise groups and they were extremely difficult to deal with. Paul Davies and John Stewart offered what we were seeking, the agreement was fair therefore it was an easy decision. Head Office don’t take our money and spend it on unnecessary expensive promotions. ” 

Trevor reports that the set up with One Agency was delightful, and they were able to complete the paperwork, set up the business model and use the simple branding guidelines to have their office refitted.

“It was the easiest move, Head Office are so well organised,” he says. “They are like family, always there when you need them, you really couldn’t ask for more and I am so grateful for their support.”

We had taken Trevor Leslie Real Estate as far as it could grow and needed a platform to take us to the next level. One Agency has achieved that goal for us.

He loves the inclusive culture of the brand, and that the other One Agency Real Estate Businesses work together and fully support each other.  He finds the closed Facebook Group page a very simple and effective way to keep in touch with other members around Australia and New Zealand.

They also have regular meetings with the other local offices and as Trevor is a Licensed Auctioneer, he runs auctions on behalf of both their business and other One Agency offices.


Real Estate Business Trevor Leslie Group


The decision to move from an Independent Real Estate Business to an International Brand was an inevitable transition to compete in the marketplace and expand their business.

"We had taken Trevor Leslie Real Estate as far as it could grow and needed a platform to take us to the next level. One Agency has achieved that goal for us."

Despite their best marketing efforts and exposure as an Independent Real Estate Business via monthly local press editorials, social media, and signboards, Trevor found that the public still did not know them.

"Joining One Agency has fixed this," he says. " Now we have instant brand recognition, a great web page, strong marketing materials and so building the business under the One Agency banner was the right move. We are extremely happy with the model." 

"We were an independent real estate business and yet we are still trading when several others in the area have closed - far too many to mention. That could have been us if it weren't for the strength of the foundation One Agency has given us to grow."

"We regularly advertise the other office opportunities around us and  we are always available to discuss any concerns an existing franchise office or agent looking to move into business ownership may have. I can't stress enough that if you are thinking of making the move, the opportunities are getting more limited as areas are snapped up, so don't procrastinate. Make the move, work hard and you can't go wrong with One Agency!"


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At One Agency we are always open for a conversation and very happy to help if you have any questions, obligation free and in complete confidence, so please contact us. 

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