Naomi Brooking and her team of five started up their business Brooking Realty with One Agency in New Zealand only four weeks ago and they are the 2nd member to join since the group expanded into NZ.

With a number of listings already being promoted, Brooking seems on course to maintain her market-leading record in the region.

They cover Tawa to Pukerua Bay and also Johnsonville to Kaiwharawara in the Wellington region of New Zealand.

She was in the process of purchasing a franchise of the real estate company she was working with, but when things became less appealing with the franchise option, Naomi considered going independent or approaching another boutique company where she’d previously worked, with the hope of setting up her own subsidiary under them.

Then she heard about One Agency launching in New Zealand and after researching the group thoroughly, she set up her business with One Agency.

“The business model made complete sense to me; that it isn’t a traditional franchise, the cost is also a lot less than a franchise, plus it has far less restrictions and excellent marketing,” she says.


If an agent is presented with an opportunity with One Agency... they need to get on board now, because areas are being signed up very quickly. It’s a fast changing industry, and if it’s not you, then who?

“One of the main deciders for me was that One Agency allowed me to have my own area, where I’m already established and that I could call it Brooking Realty. I wanted a professional brand that I could feel proud to be a part of, one that I could grow with. It has a 7 year track record and the brand is the fastest growing real estate group in Australia. Having already experienced what it’s like to operate a business with large overheads, the One Agency model resonated closely with us, knowing we’d be part of an organisation that does things smarter.”



Naomi says that the set-up process was extremely simple, despite the fact that there’s plenty to do when setting up a Real Estate Business, however the step by step process gave them a clearly defined pathway.  

“There was also excellent communication via John Stewart and lots of back-up support from the whole head office team. My first contact with John was on the 4th August and I resigned from Tall Poppy at the end of September. We launched with One Agency on the 14th October with five listings, a team of two other salespeople and an office manager. Within three and a half weeks we had made our first sale with another two under offer. It’s now four weeks in and we have 10 listings!”

Naomi says that it wasn’t difficult to take the leap with a brand that was already established in Australia but new to New Zealand, however she was concerned that it may hinder how her new business was received by homeowners.  

“Thankfully it appears that despite the brand being new to NZ, it doesn’t seem to have held us back at all, in fact I think it’s created more interest.”

She had also considered setting up as an independent agency, as Brooking has been a part of two new real estate companies that have more or less started from scratch.  

“My previous business experience would have enabled me to feel confident in going independent, however I saw greater sense in being part of something already established and that I believe will experience rapid growth nationwide,” she says.

“It also would have been a lot harder and a lot slower too, to have gone out alone, and I would’ve felt less excited and more apprehensive with concern for getting the branding right and the time and cost in doing so.”

They’ve all had great feedback so far on the One Agency brand and say they love everything about it, from the pop of orange against the black, to the smart professional design.

Brooking met with the Founder & CEO of One Agency, Paul Davies, and John Stewart, who has been integral to the move into New Zealand and was immediately impressed by their authenticity and vision for the group.

“I’m enjoying the freedom to build my own business with the backing and support of an international brand, it’s both refreshing and encouraging to know that we’re 100% supported. ”

“I also see a huge advantage with John Stewart being the Australasian Membership Consultant, with his extensive real estate background in NZ and all the relevant networks, it’s always who you know! Plus being Kiwi, he understands the people and the real estate culture here. This was another big factor in my decision to join.”

So what advice can Naomi offer those who are considering getting started in their own real estate business or who want to move their current business to a more economic and progressive group?

“There are no doubt hundreds of salespeople nationwide extremely capable of running their own agency successfully.  One Agency gives you the opportunity to do this.  It essentially equips you to not only take that first big step but also to transition with ease and confidence.  The model makes huge sense!  If an agent is presented with an opportunity with One Agency, then they’re extremely fortunate.  If you have what it takes, you need to get on board now, because areas are being signed up very quickly. It’s a fast changing industry, and if it’s not you, then who?”


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