As a real estate principal, you’ve invested time and passion to grow your business. However, with client expectations, increasing numbers of established businesses rebranding as independents, and the explosion of prop-tech, has your current brand reached its sell-by date?  

One of the most significant post-Covid changes to our industry is being powered by the explosion of prop-tech. We have seen a wave of agents and businesses leaving established brands to launch independently. 

If your current situation is feeling a bit stale, then starting afresh by hitting your market with a rebrand may be something, you too have considered. 

For some, it’s an exciting idea. Leave the fee splits, reporting, and other head office decrees about how your business must be operated behind you and finally be free ‘to do things your way.’

However, it pays to be mindful that a full rebrand comes with a lengthy to-do list detailing what your brand stands for: your logo, colour scheme, and all the marketing elements. A brand requires you to create an impactful presence across online and print media, not to mention shops, signage, flags, pointer boards, stationery and motor vehicles. And, that list comes with a hefty price tag!

Invariably, the reality of completing an effective rebrand doesn’t hit home until you’re neck deep in the process. You will be working through tens (if not hundreds) of creative templates across a myriad of marketing and advertising mediums before you even consider office requirements.

This is, of course, an expensive and time-consuming process that takes you away from all-important dollar producing activities. 

Instead of having your focus on your team and client needs, your attention will be taken up keeping abreast of a complex project with multiple stakeholders. From brand experts and advertising specialists to graphic designers and copywriters. If you operate as a single office or small independent network, it’s a BIG undertaking.

The good news is, there is an alternative to the full-on approach of a full-on rebrand.

The One Agency network was designed to be an easier and more cost-effective alternative to going it alone with a full re-brand. As Founder and CEO, Paul Davies said,

“Our offer works really well for business owners who want independence from operating constraints and fee splitting but aren’t excited by the idea of losing weeks and 10’s of $1000’s to designers for colour wheels, fonts and slogans.”

It’s a middle ground option with the advantage of taking away the risk and cost of developing your own brand and keeping it updated.

Nationally recognised since 2008, the One Agency brand has proven to work in any market place. The flat fee model allows you to use your name, in your own boutique brand.  Make your own business choices, AND retain the advantages of being part of a larger network: the presence, the legacy, the camaraderie, the awards, the national and international presence – and you keep all your comms. 

Paul and Annie Davies conceived the model in 2008, the purpose then  – as it is now – to keep things simple. One Agency gives you the brand and its assets under license, so you don’t have to go down the re-brand design rabbit hole of time and money. 

For a flat monthly fee you receive a licensed area, exclusively yours. You won’t find your office competing with someone on the next block wearing the same brand colours as you. 

All the branding assets from stationery to signboards, branded merch, and the jewel – our award winning agent marketing and lead-gen portal - ONE PLACE, are included.  

Paul Davies said “I wanted to offer businesses something that would empower them to take charge of their future with everything they need to operate ‘independently’ whilst remaining a part of something bigger.” 

The obvious benefit to you with this approach to a re-brand is that you can stay focused on dollar producing activities and skip the expense and wasted time.  Everything you need to hit the ground running and remain focussed on your success is provided. One Agency assists further by aligning you with your own personal concierge to ensure a smooth transition. 

At One Agency, you’ll have complete control over your business, one that you can proudly call your own. If this sounds like a smarter solution to you, book a call to find out more about the One Agency brand and operating model. 


Paul Davies is the founder and CEO of One Agency, which has more than 150 businesses throughout Australasia. During his 50-plus years in the industry, Paul’s biggest single insight is: it’s not what you make, it’s what you keep that counts.


If you love what you do but want to make a change – either to keep more of what you earn, shift to a more lifestyle focused operation and reduce running costs; I invite you to contact me at One Agency and discuss confidentially how our model, (less than $1000 + GST per month regardless of your GCI) may be just the answer to breathe new life into your career and future proof yourself.

"It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep that counts."
‒ Paul Davies, Founder and CEO


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As founder and CEO of the fastest growing real estate network across Australasia, I offer real estate professionals an opportunity to reap the financial rewards of going it alone with the security and clout of an established brand. Talk to me and my team about your options.

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