It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep that counts has been the mantra of One Agency’s CEO, Paul Davies since the network was established in 2008. 

Reflecting on his 50 years in the industry, Mr Davies commented to REB that whilst the vast majority in the industry are focussed on GCI the important number is NCI (Nett Commision In). He added that it’s been a recurring experience to witness the ‘light bulb’ moment when agents realise that GCI isn’t the most important thing, as many are taught to believe. 

“The number agents should be focusing on is their NCI” he says.  

The difference between the two is that GCI is what you make and contribute to your office; whilst NCI is what you take home to your family – pay your mortgage with, send your kids to school on, and get to spend on holidays.  

GCI and NCI are never the same and can vary dramatically depending what brand you’re with and the structure of your deal with your Principal or Head Office.

“Sometimes, frustratingly, and disappointingly there is a huge difference in the amounts, but they need to be as similar as possible. This is where the industry so often gets it wrong, which can have devastating consequences” Mr Davies commented. 

As the market changes and slows GCI will contract, therefore, every effort must be made to protect as much as possible of the NCI.

The difference in the values between GCI and NCI is the ‘cost to do business’ and this is very often TOO much.  Let’s be brutally honest, every dollar spent as ‘cost to do business’ is a dollar that doesn’t end up as NCI or in your pocket.

The cost to do business, if you’re a salesperson, is usually the commission split with your office and if you're already a business owner, the cost to do business can be a long and ‘hungry’ list.

So how can this be addressed?

For salespeople, I suggest a plan toward business ownership where you have control of all your income.  Commission split is often the cost of your ‘education’ and that is fair enough.   However, if you’ve been in the industry for a number of years and you are personally the generator of your GCI, then it may be time to plan the next step in your career.

For business owners, there are many solutions to reduce your ‘costs to do business’, including moving your office from an expensive main-street position to a more cost-effective location. Shop around the banks to seek out a better deal. And, if you're paying hefty franchise fees, look to rebrand with a cost saving fixed-fee model like One Agency. 

I also suggest you take some time with your accountant and run an analysis of your expenses.  Expenses are within your control and getting these under control often takes a lot of pressure off a business owner.


If you love what you do but want to make a change – either to keep more of what you earn, shift to a more lifestyle focused operation and reduce running costs; I invite you to contact me at One Agency and discuss confidentially how our model, (less than $1000 + GST per month regardless of your GCI) may be just the answer to breathe new life into your career and future proof yourself.

"It’s not what you make, it’s what you keep that counts."
‒ Paul Davies, Founder and CEO

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