Each month we interview ONE of our members to discover their story and have them share their experience with us.

Our great agent under the spotlight this month is Tony Quattroville from One Agency Tony Quattroville, specialising in the North Curl Curl, Dee Why and Beacon Hill areas of the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

Tony has been in real estate for 28 years and he has been with One Agency for the past 2 ½ years .

What do you love about your work in real estate?
I am a people person so I love the interaction that you have with sellers and buyers.

What drives you?
Referral and repeat business, and the challenge and success of knowing that I have achieved the very best result for my vendors, yet still having purchasers ecstatic because they have found the property of their dreams.

What attracted you to the One Agency business model?
1. The ease in which it enabled me to set up my own real estate business, providing an established and effective One Agency operating platform together with professional marketing material and branding.

2. The fact that the One Agency model is not a franchise, allowing me to retain control of my business and retain 100% of the selling fee. 

How is the brand working for you?
My clients love the marketing material and the fact that One Agency is a network of agents across Australia yet still retains a boutique agency feel.

Would you recommend One Agency to others and if so can you state why?
Technology has now changed the face of real estate so any agent with a proven track record has the ability via the One Agency operating platform to run a successful real estate business without sharing the commissions with a Principal under a typical real estate agency office set up.  

My clients love the marketing material and the fact that One Agency is a network of agents across Australia yet still retains a boutique agency feel.

Do you think prospective vendor’s worry that they can’t trust real estate agents in general?
If a prospective vendor understands that a professional agent is employed to act in the best interests of the vendor then the integrity of the agent should be nothing to worry about. However, if someone has previously gone through a bad experience then it is understandable that certain barriers need to be broken down very quickly.

What do you do to build their trust?
If you always do what you promise then trust becomes automatic

What makes you the ‘go to’ agent in your local area? What sets you apart?
My 28 years of local real estate experience, knowledge and results together with the ability to guarantee that sellers and buyers are dealing directly with me, the owner of the business, on a ONE on ONE basis. 

What attributes do you think are most important in an agent?
Integrity, professionalism, strong negotiation skills and strong work ethic.

How’s the current state of the market? What do you predict for 2013?
Days on market are shorter, auction clearance rates are higher, interest rates are at historic lows and stock is limited – they are the drivers that has seen the market in the low-mid price bracket move away from a buyer’s market to a seller’s market. 

What’s great about living in your local area and community? 
I live in North Curl Curl on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. It is a popular family neighborhood offering a great lifestyle and recreational feel with beaches, parks, scenic walks and bicycle tracks all at your doorstep.

What do you do outside work? 
As a family man and spending such long hours each week working in real estate, most of my spare time is devoted to my family and making it my goal to try and lead a healthy lifestyle!


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